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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tour of India 2012 -2013

My personal diaries Test match by Test match.

Explanations, excuses and general idiocy

Well what happened to the first two test diaries I hear you ask? ….. and if nobody actually did ask then I'm going to tell you anyway. It is all rather embarrassing if truth be told, as I did something that I always tell my students at college NOT to do. Namely write a fabulous (sic) piece of work and then forget to save it correctly. Yes, two diary entries to be added at once were lost due to my lack of concentration. What a plonker.

So, as a measure of recap for what were two incredible Test matches (for completely different reasons), here is a short pre-amble before the 3rd Test match later in the week. 

1st Test, November 15-19: Ahmedabad, Motera

* Captain Cook loses the toss - Oh goody……..
* India have decided against releasing the Kraken (otherwise known as spin). No, they instead decide to be completely unsporting and scored a bucket full of runs on what appeared a flat track of a pitch………..
* Our boys needed to respond in an equally measured way when batting. Naturally, that doesn't happen. For example, Ian Bell had obviously not read that memo. Yes, apparently he practised diligently before play, facing Mushtaq Ahmed and Monty Panesar in the nets. He was cautious, selective and composed. He stayed watchfully in his crease. He never once decided to run up the pitch and hit the ball over the top. His game plan looked good. And then as soon as he’s out in the middle, he’s temporarily infected by either the sun or madness, dancing up the track first ball and attempting to smack Pragyan Ohja over the top. Alastair Cook watches in dismay from the other end……
* Our boys follow on, though this time a show of fighting spirit at last from our batsmen. It should be noted in dispatches the Messrs Cook and Prior portrayed a true Rourke's Drift spirit by defying the Indian bowlers for much of the afternoon and evening sessions………..
* Final day collapse. Bugger……….
* India knock off the 77 they need with the annoying swagger of a team that can annoyingly swagger.

"Right - listen closely, I've got a cunning plan. We bat & score lots of runs"

"Blimey, I think we can do this lads………er, lads?"

2nd Test, November 23-27: Mumbai, Wankhede Stadium

* Under the pretence of babies being born or something, Bell is sent to a corner of the room to think about what he did in the 1st Test, we have Bairstow and his magnificent moustache taking his place in the side………
* The England selectors suddenly realise that we're playing on the sub-Continent and that including another top line bowler alongside our super spin machine (sit down Mr Patel, I'm not talking about you) might be a bit of a good idea………..
* Monty duly obliges by ripping through the Indian top order - Tendulkar and Sehwag looking particularly English-like in their handling of spin………
* Annoyingly the Indians decide to show some fight with the always personable (sic) Harbhajan Singh digging in to aid Pujara steer India to 327 soon after when Swann polished off the tail………
* Things now start to get seriously surreal when our batsmen in reply have a chat and decide that our spinners are actually rather good and that facing spin bowling in the nets is pretty much good preparation of the real thing. Captain Cook and KP share an unbeaten century stand, with the super square-jawed skipper scoring 87 and KP 62 not out to see England finishing the day on 178-2, trailing India by 149 runs. Easy peasy………..
* Things now seriously revert to the standard script when our batsmen have a chat and decide that their spinners are also pretty good. Leading up to tea with the ball spinning and bouncing, the England lower order collapse from 382-5 to 413 all out, Ojha continued his impressive series, finishing with figures of 5-143. He's not as good as Monty though………
* We lead by 87………….
* Our Spin twins after a chat decide that ripping through the Indian batting order might be a bit of a laugh with Monty getting his second fifer of the match and Swann finally closed India’s 2ND innings by trapping opener Ghambhir lbw for 65, taking his eighth wicket of the match respectively. 
It doesn't take England long to finish of India’s tail, India only added ten to their overnight lead collapsing to 142-all out.
* Our boys need 57 to win………..
* Our openers have a chat and decide against prodding around for a session and scraping the runs off  and instead suggest that it may be a bit of a laugh if the runs were smacked off just 10 overs. Compton can barely control his hysterics with a six.
* We win. Easy peasy.
* Rather annoyingly finishing off the tail and knocking off the runs was accomplished before I woke up. Another technological disaster with the alarm not going off.

 Monty, not wanting Ian Bell to feel left out, provides him with a virtual high-five

Magnificent square jawed Captain Cook checks KP for any hidden mobile phones.


  1. Excellent stuff Mr Anderson, I'm stuck in a conference all day so will have another read then...!! PS Are you in anyway related to Mr Jimmy Anderson as I know England is a very small place so have been thinking for sometime you might be. Yours In Cricket Hank, Dallas, TX

    1. Thanks for the kind words Hank,
      No i'm in no way related to Jimmy Anderson, therefore my physical resemblance to the good looking fast bowler is purely coincidental!
      Though due to the fact that England is so small we do in fact chuckle at our common surname as we pass each other in the street :-).

    2. Thank you for clearing that up, I thought you might be related as it seems you live very close to Jimmy only some 400 miles down the street.

      I was also wondering if you could clear something up for me ? Coming from Dallas I'm not that clear on the rules and I find it difficult how a match could last five days, only have four innings and still end in a tie ??

      Hope you can help as I'm looking at setting up a local village league here but I think we'll have to stick to one day Cricket as It'll be hard for the guys to get time off work should a game last 5 days. I may adapt each innings to three and out thereby creating a faster game especially when Trott is playing, why don't he just smash that ball seems to be at the baseline for ever...??

      I love those fans song for him though "You can't hurry Trott, no you'll just have to wait, runs don't come easy, its a game of Yes, No,Wait"

      I gotta to say howdie now Stuart as need to get back on the till at Wallmart.

      Yours Hank

    3. I hope that this message finds you in good health Hank, and that the sale of super-size Stetsons is going well today at Wallmart.

      To try and find an answer to your conundrum about what length on cricket matches your Dallas local village league should take. For me, immersing oneself in 5 days of cricket when in in fact the final result may be a draw is a joy in itself. Some of the classic matches have involved the England boys hanging on in Rorkes Drift fashion, trying to desperately stave off defeat. Either that or we often succeed in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
      I appreciate that 5 days may same a little on the excessive time scale - but I did recently sit through one of your American Football thingies and that particular game seemed to last a total of 3 weeks. It would have finished sooner but there were 150 time outs during the game.

      All the best Hank.