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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Ashes memories - An Introduction

I was sat thinking earlier today - an act which is something in itself that would shock and appall many of the people that I know personally. As it turned out, I didn't need to spend too much time in thought. I was pondering what could do in a cricketing sense while the madness of the IPL was taking place - I needed to circle the cricket waggons as quickly as I could before I became swamped with all manner of references to the IPL on Twitter and Facebook. Now I don't want this to turn into a diatribe against the aforementioned league that is currently taking place in India - I won't call it cricket, that would possibly get me prosecuted by the blog police under the trades description act -  the list of atrocities to cricket that the IPL has committed are far too long to list here. However, I have an Indian and indeed a multinational extended cricketing family and so have no intention to offend them. The day to day experience of that cricketing monstrosity of a competition is too raw, so i'll say no more - for now. Needless to say, I required something else to occupy my cricketing mind, or in other words, to mindlessly blog about. Then it hit me.

On July 10th at Trent Bridge, one of sports greatest rivalries is rekindled - as it were. No, I'm  not talking about the annual 'Anderson family kick-about world cup on the beach' competition - that actually takes place in August for a start.

That's either a giant Urn, or two really small flags….

Of course I mean the Ashes, silly. That little matter of a biennial series of Test matches between England and Australia which has occupied the cricketing obsessions of both countries since 1872. Yes, that's right, for in case anyone has forgotten, this summer the Aussies are in town.

I'm not yet going to write anything on my much anticipated predictions for the 2013 series. There will be plenty of opportunity for me to muse at length upon the build up to the upcoming series (I'm sorry about that, but there will. And yes, that is a threat. So I thought an interesting project for me to do would be to take a personal walk down my cricketing memory lane and waffle on about some of the Ashes encounters that are special to me. There will be no date order, or indeed, order of preference. Instead it will be a random ( some may say haphazard) choice of games - some of which i may have been at, some just witnessed on TV or radio. Yes, the mention of the name, Botham, may take place. If truth be told, there may also be the odd game that took place before I was even born. The point is, they are special to me,  If nothing else, it should keep me out of trouble now and again.

I realise that publishing this pre-amble might instigate a social network tsunami of fevered anticipation of what my first choice would be in the series of Stuey's Ashes memories. So in an effort to avoid such a stressful experience - the first entry will be on the the First Test at  Edgbaston, in the 1997 series….
Nasser & Thorpe - boy's own story stuff

... yes that's the one - the Aussies 8 wickets down on the first morning then Nasser Hussein and his double hundred. The Ashes were coming home! Or were they?

Almost as an afterthought, just as I was about to press the publish button in fact, another thought occurred to me. It may be fun if any of the readers of this blog want to suggest a particular Ashes match that you want me to write about, then I may have a go. Even if it's one that England lost ( and there are a FEW of those to choose from!).

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