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Sunday, 27 April 2014

County cricket (week 3), Wirral Cricket Club & other random ramblings.

It's been a long and stressful week on a personal level, so consequently it's been rather nice to see that there are some things happening out there in the cricketing world that go more than a little way to cheering me up - and I'm not just talking about the amusing rubbish spouted by certain ex-captains and players on twitter.

Compton being a bit brill
For example. in the LV County Championship Division 1 thingamajig we began to see the universe beginning to correctly re-align itself into how reality should be. This took place with Yorkshire winning their (notice that I didn't say 'our') first match of the season against Northants by an innings and 120 runs (it was a close one then) to go 2nd in the table behind that Sussex lot. If the universe keeps doing it's thing when the game takes place against Middlesex later today, then this season the title will surely be ours, I mean theirs. Jack Brooks, Ryan Sidebottom and Steve Patterson are an attack that are going to give the willies, as it were, to many a top order as the championship progresses.

Elsewhere, Nick Compton - remember him? You know the guy, Somerset batsman and ex-England international casually tossed aside by the previous coach after just 9 Test matches, even though he had a reasonable batting average of 31.93. Well he was in fine form this week to provide a reminder to the new team of selectors (more about them in a moment) when he scored a hat-full of runs in the match against Durham earlier in the week. His 100 not out, which included 14 fours from 211 balls was a fine knock to reach his 21st first class century and should surely provide him with a shout. In my humble opinion, the man is a class act and providing he can stay fit he really should be given another opportunity. After all, at 30 he is coming into his prime as a batsman, he should not be disregarded. Besides which, he once retweeted me on Twitter, but obviously that has absolutely nothing to do with me thinking that he should be playing for England again - but he really should.

LV County Championship - Division One

(Table correct as of 23 April 2014.)

Its all looking rather promising from El Capitan, Alastair Cook, as he scored his second hundred of the new season as Essex drew with Surrey. After hitting 39 in the first innings he then scored a lovely 127 in the 2nd - the man has a bit of a swagger once again and it's bloody good to see. Apparently, the good captain's two Championship centuries so far this season already equals the total number he has scored for Essex in the previous six years, which probably says more about central contracts and contemporary internationals actually playing for their counties rather than any reflection of club form.
Will Gidman

Also, in the "England selectors, look at me, look at me!!!" auditions that are currently taking place in the county championship, Gloucestershire all-rounder Will Gidman staked a pretty good claim to be noticed as he took 9 wickets for 84 runs in the draw against Glamorgan. Gidman, at 29, has been something of a late bloomer in his career (no bad thing) and so should be looking forward playing against Essex next week, which should see him have the opportunity to bowl against a certain Alistair Cook. Go get him, Will!........... er, but not too much eh?

LV County Championship - Division Two

(Table correct as of 23 April 2014.)

Oh, poor old Ashley Giles - how quickly things can turn pear-shaped for someone in the England international cricket scene theses days. 
"Now where's my bloody career? I left it
around here somewhere...."
One day you are the previously adored King of Spain and the publicly groomed favourite to become the next England coach, the next, you have endured a torrid time as limited overs coach, been dumped out of the slog-in-the-park world T20 malarkey and beaten by the bloody Netherlands. You then lose out on the big job to a guy that made a right monkey's nut out of his previous attempt as coach. 

Well this week it seems that it has all become too much for Gilo to take and so he handed in his resignation as England selector. The ECB, obviously unable to forget the Netherlands  fiasco couldn't resist the opportunity to further rub salt into his majesty's wounds and so appointed another one of his rivals and fellow interviewees for the the coaching post, Mike Newell. I'm starting to feel really sorry for the guy, I really am.

And you think that you've had a bad week, Ashley?..........

Captain Cook and the rest of the band of jokers  England players might think that the events on club cricket yesterday might put their calamity down-under into some sort of perspective - They'd be wrong of course, nothing should ever remove that feeling that they put us all through, but if this helps to remove just a little of the pain and embarrassment they suffered at the hands of the Aussies in time for the summer, then that might be a good thing. The thing is, low scores aren't just the prerogative of the England Ashes tour.....

The Twitterworld went into overdrive last night when, tired of commenting on what they had just eaten for dinner, matters turned to news of a third division match that had taken place earlier in the Cheshire league where Wirral Cricket Club, situated not far away from Liverpool, were dismissed for just three runs in their match against Haslington - yes, that was three runs by the way, you read it correctly.

The game has all the hallmarks of one or two I seem to remember playing in, and being on the receiving end of for my school and club. The Wirral innings consisted of a grand total of ten ducks, with the top score being made that old familiar guy we all know called  'Extras' after two leg-byes were brutally conceded by the opposition. Only one player managed to score a run, thereby reducing the opposition bowling figures of Ben Istead to  6 wickets for that run - he must be blooming fuming...... 

However, in the tried and trusted tradition of not wanting to wallow in a pit of self-pity, the club have admirably taken all the publicity in good humour  - as a couple of the tweets below show. I suppose all's well that ends well as the club are even appearing on BBC Radio5 live this morning - nice one, people.

1st XI lost by 105 runs today... Sadly the opposition only scored 108!

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