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Monday, 9 November 2015


I really wanted to write something about the recent Cricket fiasco in the U.A.E. However, In all honesty the embarrassment, pain, anger & masochistic bemusement that I and many other log-suffering England Cricket fans felt after the final Test match is still rather raw. I can take the annual never-ending optimism that I always stupidly feel before every trip abroad. I can even take the subsequent self-inflicted misery that follows as touring England team after touring England team still continues to heap upon my ever fragile cricketing consciousness. I just can't face having to write about it and so relive the whole sorry experience once again.

So it was with relief that a few days ago I was asked to check out something a little different for this blog. The request took the form of a web platform, going by the name of Enjore. I must admit that before this week I hadn't heard too much about Enjore, so being the intrepid and diligent blogger that I am (shut up, I really am!) I decided to do a little bit of detailed research. OK, OK you've got me...... there's a first time for everything.

After hour upon hour (well, a few minutes) of research, it seems that Enjore essentially is designed to help tournament organisers to manage sports competition ranging from football to rugby, from tennis to volleyball and even Futsal (that's indoor 5 a-side football to you). As yet I haven't been able to see if there are any Cricket tournaments, but if I have my way, well it's only a matter of time.

The platform, which finds it's way to UK shores imminently, has apparently been gaining a good deal of momentum around the globe with the number of registered users exceeding 100,000 and more than that, every month 400,000 people make use of the platform. 

"So how do people make use of the delights of Enjore?" I hear you ask. Well, dear reader, that's an excellent question if I may say so. For example, organisers can manage teams and players, create round-robin and knock-out schedules, assign users managing tasks and fill in the match reports, both from the Enjore website and even from your smart phones. If that wasn't enough you can also generate tables and statistics both for teams and single players, get in touch with participants as well as manage advertising spaces on their tournament’s pages..

Lets say that you want to be all posh and make your league  unique by customising your  particular football tournament's teams and players by adding pictures, logos, positions and staff members - well all the information is at hand by clicking on - - It tells you everything that you need to know;

However, we fans (as well as the players) are not left out. We can view tables and schedules, leave comments on the matches, judge the players’ performance, upload photos, receive notifications on our smart phones and share our team’s results on other social networks. If all that wasn't enough, manage those round-robin or knockout tournaments, rounds plus final stages, view tables and statistics for teams and players, fill in the match reports with scores and disciplinary sanctions, vote and comment on the players' performance and publish the match photos and videos.

Now I know that you're thinking, that this all sounds a little bit exciting and that it's probably more than enough to get even the most depressed cricket fan like myself out of the doldrums. But what about the cost? Well I have news for you, because it's absolutely free.

All you have to do to create your tournament is sign up. In the near future, Enjore will release premium service packages for the most demanding and professional organisers. Furthermore, it will soon launch a white label service with new features. 

You can find much more information about at


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